The Purpose of Lighting in Retail

Used correctly in retail applications, high CRI lighting products and thoughtful lighting design can all play a significant role in boosting sales, reduce energy overheads and improve brand perception.


With the help of the SLL’s LG17 guide, GDS products and concept designs ensure our clients can attract attention, build brand identity, guide visitors through their shopping experience and emphasise the quality of store merchandise.

Attracting attention

A GDS lighting scheme will draw inspiration from the desire to attract potential customers, before letting the lighting products bring merchandise to life and influence consumer behaviour within the store.


Effective display lighting catches the attention of passers-by, emphasising features of choice merchandise and bringing forth a brand identity simultaneously. With the help of a high CRI luminaire, displays and merchandise can haven improved perception of product quality and a heightened visual appeal.


As well as a high CRI, you can draw attention with considered direction and focus of light, combining appropriate luminosity and the careful selection of colour temperature to best highlight the qualities of the displayed items.

High CRI

Quality colour rendering generally enhances the appearance of a product. With products such as the Alundra achieving 97 CRI, GDS can ensure merchandise is reflected its true quality, particularly important to show food and drink produce at their best.


Offering some of the highest CRI values on the market for retail applications, the 97CRI Alundra track light and Puppis downlight deliver an accurate colour rendition of merchandise. Realising vivid reds, subtle hues and natural skin tones, a higher CRI in retail applications can heighten the visual appeal and overall presentation.


With a range of CCTs available to choose from, our fixtures can vary in output from a warm 2700K to cool, almost daylight mimicking 4000K.

Puppis Downlight


Brand identity with lighting

Poor lighting can be detrimental to product sales and damaging to a brand’s overall message, whereas well-planned lighting consideration from the outset can play a significant part in the creation of a store’s branding identity.


The Puppis downlight is a high performing fixture for professional, ambient lighting, providing a full and rich colour spectrum with high output.


The Alundra has excellent colour rendering (97CRI) and flexible beam angles to adapt to varying styling of displays. The Alundra comes in 7 different mount types, further enhancing the flexibility to adapt to uniquely crafted environments.



Our team appreciates that the look of fixtures can go a long way to crafting an identity, where chandeliers and vintage style fittings can be utilised to create intimacy or achieve a retro feel in a space. Talk to our Special Projects team for more information on how we can retrofit your existing fittings or create totally bespoke fixtures to compliment your brand.