Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting is an aspect of Architectural Design and there are several trending considerations in its application.

Sustainability has become a crucial design element and as such adhering to rules and regulations has become more important with many new schemes increasingly interested in obtaining BREEAM Ratings and other accreditations. Architectural Lighting also plays a massive part in ensuring that any design delivers a scheme that makes the most of natural light and comes close to replicating it where it is not available. This also ties in with the increasing importance of lighting in enhancing well-being with considerations of circadian rhythm and optimum lumen levels for focal and breakout spaces.

The use of architectural lighting can vary based upon those utilising it. Some designers look to make a statement with feature lighting and others use it to emphasise other design features they’ve created, whilst the lighting goes all but unnoticed. As a consequence, there is a propensity to build fittings so that they contain drivers within and hidden out of view. (Have a look at how we’ve achieved this with one of our signature collection luminaires, the Alundra Track Driver Spot Light).

Architectural Lighting Solutions utilise technological innovation to deliver lighting schemes that are able to deliver on stricter regulations whilst creating an environment that allows for decrease in stress for office workers and an increase in their productivity. GDS has a team of Architectural Lighting Designers in-house to help you deliver a solution to your project


Linear Lighting

Direct/Indirect Lighting that provides outstanding performance and flexibility for a number of applications

Linear Lighting has in recent years evolved the way we light architectural spaces. Although a relatively simple concept of packaging together narrow straight-lined LEDs, Linear Lighting has meant that we could replace the previously popular fluorescent tubes with Architectural lighting fittings that creates an uninterrupted line of light (take a look at the Linear Profiles that could take your project to the next level).

Linear Lighting can both be subtle and it can stand-out. Creating the desired effect can be influenced by your mount type, with recessed and recessed trimless lighting often being more discreet (yet it can also make a huge statement) and Indirect Suspended lighting frequently working well as a form of accent lighting. Of course, with the flexibility of lighting we can work alongside you to deliver your desired effect (contact us if you wish to discuss any specific needs).


Feature Lighting

Eye-Catching Lighting as a Focal Point of Architectural Design

Feature Lighting acts as the focal point of not only lighting design but architectural design. When thinking of your show stopping design element, lighting is a good place to start. As a key feature lighting can bring forth the branding of a company or lighting can act as the feature that makes a guest stop and stare.

At GDS we use a range of lighting products to deliver the showcase features of your design. These come in a range of geometric shapes, with a choice of (to name but a few) circular, square, ring and tubular lighting.


Accent Lighting

The Hammersmith Apollo Accent Lighting

Maximising the impact of Architectural Finishes

Accent Lighting performs as an enhancement of other design features. Crafted through a range of more subtle fixtures, including spotlights, wall washers and ceiling uplights.

GDS’ experience of lighting in the Entertainment means that we have knowledge to help you deliver a lighting scheme that combines feature and accent lighting together perfectly.


Decorative Lighting

Lighting beyond the trend

Decorative Lighting is becoming increasingly more prevalent in both interior and exterior lighting design. There has been a tendency towards the striking, modern pendant and portable lamp solutions that have given spaces the chance to create something not only unique but efficient and Eco-friendly. GDS offers its Special Projects service as a means of working alongside you to deliver totally bespoke lighting that can do whatever you want to achieve.


Custom-Made Lighting

Special Projects delivering bespoke solutions

Our tenacious in-house manufacturing and lighting design teams gives us the ability to take bespoke lighting to next level, if you can think of it we will do our very best to work alongside you to make your lighting dream a reality.

It might be that you wish to create a linear luminaire to cut enlighten your boardroom or a ring-shaped circular pendant to catch attention in your reception area. Whatever you wish to achieve get in touch, we would love to help you deliver truly unique lighting.


Emergency Lighting

Lighting meeting UK regulations for emergency situations.

GDS design and spec emergency lighting schemes whilst adhering to national regulations. Most of our luminaires have emergency options so get in touch today to discuss your requirements.  01173250063

"Our new Architectural Range, The Reality Series, is designed by our R&D team and manufactured in-house to create a product range to lead from the front in Architectural, Office and Commercial Applications."