Lighting for Churches and Places of Worship

Best retrofit church lighting?

GDS have extensive experience working in prominent historical buildings, including Places of Worship, delivering specialist products and lighting schemes. As a result, we appreciate the importance of being true to a building’s character during any lighting design.

How to emphasise church architecture?

Architectural layouts in places of worship tend to be totally unique. At GDS we ensure we endeavour to understand every inch of your building, from high sloped ceilings, protruding architectural objects to features of focus. Our Lighting Designers will create 3D visualisations of the space, showing the impact of luminaires within it.

Best lighting for church artwork?

Artwork requires high-quality lighting to show it off as the artist intended. It also needs controls in place to ensure works are preserved and not damaged by intense lux levels. GDS have developed the Alundra Track Light Series with artwork in mind and this can be utilised alongside the Prodigy Control System.

Recommended Church light levels? (Chruch Lighting Regs)

The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) recommends the following lux levels in its ‘Lighting Guide 13’ (LG13): Altar: 300 lux Ambient Lighting: 150-200 lux Choir stalls: 200 lux Chancel, sanctuary and platform: 200 lux Directional lighting: 300-400 lux Main body of the church: 100 – 200 lux Organ: 300 lux Pulpit or lectern: 300 lux Vestries: 150 lux

"Brilliant lighting design that is sympathetic to the character of your place of worship"