Commercial Lighting Design

GDS’ Lighting Design acts as an essential part of commercial building design. Your space’s look and feel can be dramatically altered or subtly enhanced through our design, we work to your needs. Commercial Lighting Design can also be utilised to enhance the energy efficiency of your build or it can improve lighting and the us of natural light to such an extent that employee contentment and efficiency is greatly increased.

GDS appreciates that your priorities for your lighting are unique and our team help throughout the entire process to ensure that together we deliver a scheme that you will be proud of. Feel free to chat to our sales team about your requirements or see some of our projects here



Experience and Versatility (A little about GDS)

GDS has offered lighting design as part of our service throughout our 15 year lifespan. However, our journey has been one of evolution and change. GDS is renowned for being one of the most important players in lighting design in the Entertainment industry and we have worked on some of the biggest theatres and auditoriums the world over. Our projects in this area were not simply limited to the performance areas but also gave us our first taste of lighting design in the adjoining areas (including restaurant, bars, corridors & stairwells and atriums). Some of the biggest venues we worked on include; The Hammersmith Apollo, The Royal Albert Hall and The Opéra Bastille.

Our work soon led to the growth of a new area of the business, Special Projects. The requirement of bespoke products to meet individual design needs made this a natural progression. This has led to our working on lighting design projects in a diverse range of applications, including; places of worship, cruise ships, restaurants, bars, hotels and galleries.

GDS brand new manufactured ‘Reality Range’ with its focus on the workplace and the well-being of those within it allows for our progression into the office and retail sectors. Our team has grown and been built around these sectors and their knowledge along with GDS’ incredible experience in lighting manufacturing means that we believe we can deliver lighting design to the highest standard.

Alundra Track Driver Spot Light Small


Lighting Design and the Latest Software

Our skilled lighting designers utilise the latest Lighting Design software and technology. DIALux EVO is used for designing, calculating and visualising 3D models of a range of spaces, including individual rooms, buildings and external areas. We can produce visualisation photos in DIALux EVO and these photo-realistic images allow both you and your clients to experience the design before it is delivered. This gives you more scope for creative freedom, so if you are thinking of utilising indirect lighting or uplighting in your scheme you may first see how it effects the look and feel of a build.


Lighting Design DIALux EVO

Lighting Design DIALux EVO

Lighting Design DIALux EVO Lighting Design DIALux EVO


Product Manufacturing and Knowledge

We are proud to be both the designers and manufacturers of our design led product ranges. This gives us a freedom beyond our competitors to progress with the latest trends. With our exceptionally talented R&D department we can also create new ranges to break existing boundaries. All our products are supported with the up-to date LDT files and installation instructions.

Energy Efficient Lighting

The GDS lighting ranges utilises efficient LED technology to ensure a significant reduction in traditional lighting energy output. Further to this our in-house team have designed commercial lighting control systems, which make further reductions still. Commercial lighting controls gives the freedom of choosing when and how lights dim or switch off. This eliminates wasted electricity consumption, whilst ensuring employees have the ideal amount of light to ensure circadian rhythm and to give them a positive working environment free of glare. Find out more about our Prodigy Control System here.


"Getting lighting right is the most important aspect of our work"