Commercial Mirror Lighting

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How to produce uniform lighting for mirrors?

High quality diffuser to minimise light loss. DALI dimmable to ensure the correct amount of light to suit the conditions.

Best Mirror Lights for Theatres?

The Mirror Light was originally created to meet the demand of Theatres, where they wished to produce lighting that mimics sunlight for accurate makeup application. The Mirror Light achieves this whilst emitting low glare and producing even illumination.

What is the best lighting for commercial, retail and restaurant mirrors?

Commercial businesses can now deliver restroom lighting that produces perfect uniformity of light to the face. The Mirror Light is dimmable to emit low glare and the even illumination guarantees no hard shadows.

What is the best vanity lighting for commercial use?

In competitive markets commercial businesses require restrooms with excellent vanity lighting as a means of differentiating from their competition. The GDS Mirror Light provides comfortable, uniform, glare-free, sun mimicking lighting. See more here -

How to Produce Glare free Mirror Lighting?

The Mirror Light utilises a high-quality diffuser to ensure the uniform diffusion of light. Light is output from the fixture horizontally across the mirror to ensure no direct reflection (and resultant glare) of the glass. The Mirror Light has the option of being DALI dimmable, giving it the ability to increase and decrease its output dependent on the present environment.

Lighting for Makeup Artists?

The GDS Mirror Light is ideal for makeup applications as it has been designed to produce comfortable, uniform, glare-free, sun mimicking light. See more here -

"The Commercial Mirror Light. Ideally suited for makeup application in Theatres or for glare-free, uniform lighting for mirrors in commercial applications. "