Alchemy 3


The Alchemy 3 is a compact and high-performance Fresnel LED wash moving head, specifically designed for medium to small theatres and television studios.

Maintaining the subtle whites and limitless colour options as its larger counterpart- Alchemy 5, the Alchemy 3 delivers a wide gamut of pastel-like colours, with Green-Magenta linear balance, for natural reproduction of any skin tone.


Speak to our product manager, Hallam Smith for a live product demo or product enquiries.

0117 325 0063


Key features:


  • Multi-chip LED source
  • 6,600 Lumen output
  • CRI: up to 98
  • TLCI: up to 96
  • LED lifespan: 20,000 hours (70% lumen output)


  • 14.1°- 45.2° linear zoom
  • Ø 175 mm Fresnel lens
  • Beam shaper (2×1 ratio) with endless rotation; indexable
  • Heavy frost filter insertable via DMX
  • Retractable ‘top hat’


  • Linear CCT (1800 K – 10000 K)
  • Green saturation: Linearly adjustable green/magenta point
  • 100 gel filters emulation
    – Linear balance from gel filters emulation to white
    – Linear balance between gel filters emulation
    – Gel filters’ colour response fully adapts to different CCT values
  • Colour mixing by 6-color ‘Advanced’ mode
  • Extra deep colours: Two DMX-selectable filters (‘deeper blue’ and ‘deep red’)
  • HQS (High Quality Spectrum)

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