Lighting Applications

GDS is total solution provider for a range of lighting applications. Having all disciplines and specialities in-house, from software, hardware, product design, manufacturing, service, lighting design and shipping logistics worldwide. Our acquired skills in providing customised lighting solutions over the years and the fact that we have a compact and dynamic team working closely and putting their energy into our products and services means that we have the strength to deliver on a range of interior and exterior applications in a way that few of our rivals possibly could.

As a UK, Southwest designer and manufacturer we continue to provide innovative LED lighting and control designs, making your life easier and faster, saving you precious time in the lighting process, whilst also promoting lighting efficiency and user well-being.

So, no matter what your goal is, whether it is delivering beautiful architectural lighting, sympathetic to a church’s history or functional task lighting with low glare, talk to us today to see what we can do for you or check out the range of applications we work in, shown below.


Office Lighting

GDS offers Lighting Solutions for Office Applications, providing energy-efficient lighting and light management systems to ensure excellent working conditions for employees.

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Office GDS Lighting

Commercial Lighting

GDS’ Lighting Design acts as an essential part of commercial building design.

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GDS Retail Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting plays a part in Architectural Design. Learn about the trending considerations in its application below.

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GDS Stairway Lighting


Lighting for the Educational Sector

Lighting in the educational sector is hugely important for academic focus, student well-being and attracting prospective students. Click the link below to find out more about lighting function in schools and universities.

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GDS Lecture Theatre Lighting

Church (and Places of Worship) Lighting

For lighting that accentuates the majesty of religious building use the link below.

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Lighting for Retrofit

Sympathetic retrofitting of lighting to maintain the original character of buildings, whilst improving lighting performance.

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Lighting for Restaurants and Bars

Lighting Design is increasingly playing a huge part in the success or failure of restaurants and bars. This is due to its ability to affect the ambience of a venue (so frequently now a major consideration for any diner or bar frequenter). As such any use of lighting in restaurants and bars must be carefully considered to ensure it is in keeping with the architecture of the venue and that it accentuates key features. Certain parts of a building might require different levels of lighting throughout the day both to meet a comfortable level or to match the atmosphere that the bar or restaurant is trying to achieve. Restaurants have to be acutely aware of how their products can be affected by the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of lighting with low levels causing foods and drinks to appear more unappealing to diners.

Our Lighting Designers will work alongside you to ensure the ideal scheme meeting any requirements you might have and to ensure you think of all the little details. They will also be able to make use of our Lighting Control Systems. These ensure that venues requiring specialist scenes in certain parts of the building and at precise times can achieve them (find out much more about our lighting control systems here).

Racks Bar Lighting

Racks Bar Lighting Scheme

Lighting for Galleries and Museums

When creating a lighting solution for galleries and museums our lighting designers must consider how they give focus to exhibits. The right levels and angles of light are essential. Contrasting between areas of light and darkness can accentuate the character of an exhibit. Therefore, it is crucial that the correct types of lighting are chosen to best do this, and this is influenced by the style of art or exhibit, whether it is a historic artifact, a piece of modernist art or a landscape painting. At GDS, we utilise a range of spotlights, floodlight and wallwashers to achieve the right lumen outputs at the right angle, utilising the right fitting to improve the experience of art. We are better able to achieve this by using the latest, up-to-date software for lighting design, calculations and visualisations. Talk to us today about your Scheme and requirements for Gallery Lighting or Museum Lighting.

Arnolfini Gallery Lighting, Bristol 

Lighting for Hotels and Hospitality

Lighting solutions required for hotels can vary greatly. It is largely essential that a hotel creates an inviting atmosphere, which can be achieved as a design element of your lighting. In addition to this, hotels at the premium end of the market must ensure that they can make a bold statement, a cause helped by impressive feature lighting. With hotels also employing a number of staff the lighting must also provide optimum working conditions for their well-being, or not only will you see a drop in contentment but a possible reduction in employee’s friendliness to visitors.

Hospitality is a diverse area of business with many businesses branching into conferences and business meetings. This requires Intelligent light management systems to control and react to lighting requirements,  encouraging focused work.

Email our team to see how we can help with your hotel lighting or call us on +44 (0) 117 325 0063.

External Lighting Applications

The correct exterior lighting design can bring facades and outdoor spaces to life, creating a different image of a building. By utilising the the contrast of light and dark, our lighting designers can help to create inspiring spaces.

External lighting makes use of; Task lighting, great for illuminating the entrance of a building and we have an excellent range of highly rated IP rated products to achieve this.  Ambient Lighting, for low glare comfortable lighting, ideal for illuminating paths and walkways. Accent Lighting, great for creating visual interest.

"We are passionate about actively supporting our network of clients and understanding their desire to enhance well-being, create identity, and intelligently reduce costs"

Alan Colquhoun
Business Development, GDS