Lighting for Churches and Places of Worship

The requirements of lighting in places of worship has changed. Previously, religious builds have served as the central pillars of the community, and whilst this remains the case for many, others have found that they have had to find means of diversifying in order to survive and to continue their good work. As such, places of worship require adaptable light that can meet a range of requirements. Given the nature of these building and the emphasis upon architecture, the lighting is mostly required to be a high-quality white light.

GDS’s has a wealth of experience in the implementation of lighting for churches and other places of worship. As such we know that a place of worship’s lighting must be sensitive to character and history, whilst bringing advancements in aesthetics and performance.

Designs and layouts of places of worship are often unique and create new challenges. At GDS we ensure we endeavour to understand every inch of your building, be it the high sloped ceilings, protruding architectural objects or features of focus. Our team can create 3D visualisations of the luminaires and how they will affect the entire space, giving you confidence that you will receive the appropriate lumen output throughout.

Of course, lighting can have a hugely positive or negative impact on visitors’ experience of a religious building. Lighting in churches in particular


More information coming soon. Please see our case studies to get a taste of what we can do for your place of worship.

"Brilliant Lighting Design that is sympathetic to the character of your Place of Worship"