Commercial Lighting Supply & Lead Times

At GDS we are working to ensure that our supply system and consequently, our customers expecting to receive our lighting products, are not adversely affected by the outbreak of the Corona Virus.  

GDS’s UK manufacturing department is in full activity and we are utilising top-quality suppliers from a range of locations to reduce risk and provide you with your fittings on lead times as short as 2 to 3 days. 

A selection of lighting products, from tracklights and downlights, to linear profiles and wall washers are readily available to order.  

Browse our LED lighting ranges, or you can contact our sales team directly to discuss exactly what you need and support your next lighting project.

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The UK manufactured Arcturus Linear Profile is part of a versatile family of fixtures with carefully crafted linear light distributions.

A stand out product for reliability and high output, the Arcturus can be used in Architectural, Education, Office and Retail applications.



GDS’ leading fixture to enhance any application, the Alundra family is based upon a sleek and central design, with a wealth of variants.

Manufactured from our Bristol facility, the Alundra is a perfect solution for architectural, commercial, retail, hospitality, education and leisure applications.

Alundra Zoom Track Lighting



The Puppis is a family of 1K to 8K, high-performance recessed downlights, providing a full and rich colour spectrum. Available as with 97 CRI as standard, the Puppis downlight will outperform many downlights currently on the market, with impressive colour rendition, energy efficiency and reliability.

The Puppis can be used across many applications and is frequently specified in Retail, Architectural, Office, Education, Hospitality and Leisure applications.

Puppis Downlight




UK Manufactured Commercial Lighting

LED Manufacturers

GDS has a UK based LED lighting and lighting control manufacturing department. From our Bristol facility in the South West, you can order products straight off the shelf or customised to your exact project requirements. Commercial lighting solutions made easy.

Commercial Lighting in Stock

GDS Logistics- Simon Debley

GDS can always specify and offer a choice from a range lighting products that are in stock and have the in-house expertise to manufacture your product on request. With a range of tracklights, downlights, linear profiles and ceiling panels to choose from, GDS have a broad selection of commercial lighting to order for your project.

Lead Times on GDS Lighting Products

GDS' main line of products are available on lead times of 6-8 weeks, however, we also have a substantial range of products that are available to dispatch within as little as 2-3 days. Our sales team are on hand to support the lead times you are working towards and find the best lighting products for your lighting scheme.

Supply Chain Risk Management

GDS Lighting Short Lead Delivery

GDS can mitigate issues emerging in the supply chain by utilising our own UK manufacturing department and pre-qualified supply chain partners. Whether you are buying a product off the shelf or made to order, GDS can supply the lighting product you need, when you need it.

The Affect of Brexit on Lighting Supply

GDS is able to bypass the issues surrounding Brexit through utilisation of our own manufacturing department in the UK. This means that a number of our products will not be subject to any changes to import tax.

The Effect of the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) on Lighting Supply?

GDS has its own manufacturing department that is capable of creating product, we also make use of a number of quality suppliers spread across the UK and European nations. However, we are diligent in continually monitoring our supply chain for issues that may impact our operations, working closely with our suppliers to assess and reduce any impact. Additionally, we are keen to ensure we minimise potential risk to our employees and business.


"We can supply your lighting or control product on lead times as short as 2 to 3 days"