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What is the best Office Lighting Simulation Software?

GDS uses lighting calculation and visualisation software to give our clients a view on how a workplace can be improved with office lighting and controls. There are alternatives to choose from but at GDS we choose to use DIALux Evo. DIALux Evo enables GDS to simulate rooms at a site using a pre-made sketch in DIALux Evo and can import CAD plans, as well as adding; windows, doors (whilst simulating their effect), furniture, colours & textures, suspended ceilings and roofs to improve the accuracy of the forecast lumen distribution. DIALux Evo also enables the importing of luminaire fixtures into a plan by using pre-made catalogues. From there you can insert and arrange luminaires in the space and produce calculations to give an overview of their effect.

Office Lighting in Bristol?

GDS operates out of our office in St Anne’s, Bristol. We're are a truly international company, having worked on a range of high-profile projects from around the globe. We are proud to be based in Bristol and are always keen to be involved in local Office Lighting Projects.

Office Lighting Standards and Regulations

In any build there are regulations and standards that need to be met. Lighting has its own set of rules. In terms of standards (which are suggested goals rather than enforceable law) there are a few that are prominent, at GDS we use our knowledge to make certain that your project meets these. CIBSE’s office lighting guide, ‘LG7’ focuses on minimum lumen levels across a range of spaces in the workplace. Adhering to LG7 guidelines should ensure that lighting is comfortable, safe for working conditions and provides stimulation. Find out more on office lighting regs here -

Modern office lighting, that has been beautifully designed and manufactured using high quality materials. The GDS range of office lighting can support all types of lighting scheme, available in a range of mount types to deliver a high CRI and still remain energy efficient. Creating inspiring spaces with light, GDS fixtures ensure lighting standards are upheld, supporting well-being and productivity in the workplace.


Key Areas of Office Lighting

Lighting that supports a versatile range of applications, the GDS range of luminaires can meet the demands for your space or be customised to take it to the next level. See below to find out more on specifying the correct lighting for individual applications within office lighting.


Meeting Room Lighting
Meeting Room Lighting
Boardroom Lighting
RWA Gallery External lighting
Foyers/Reception Lighting
Breakout Lighting
Accent lighting
Accent Lighting
RWA Gallery External lighting
Facade Lighting
Task Lighting Selection
Task Lighting
stairway/ hallway lighting
Stairway & Hallway Lighting
RWA Gallery External lighting
Feature Lighting
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Top Office Lighting Products

Inspired by architects, interior designers and product designers, our range of lighting products are high-performance, reliable and high-quality. The following products are some of our most popular for commercial applications, you can browse below and use the contact form below to discuss further options.


RWA Gallery External lighting
The Arcturus Linear Profile
Puppis Downlight FamilyAlundra Track lighting group
The Reality Architectural Range
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Benefits of using GDS Lighting in Offices




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