Boardroom Lighting

Lighting that makes a statement or a feature is perfectly suited to an office board room setting. Suspended fixtures above a conference table, or downlights that enhance company branding can be factored in to the lighting design in your space.

Using GDS architectural fittings, high output and uniform projection will ensure note taking and reading can be done with ease, whilst still making an impact.


Top Boardroom Lighting Products

The following products are our most popular for use in Boardroom Lighting, use the contact form below to discuss further options.


Mini Brick Exterior LightingDTS BRICK Corrosion Proof Exterior Lighting high quality colour mixing
The Alpha Circular Light
Prodigy Series ControlGDS prodigy control system modules
The Prodigy Control System
Puppis Downlight FamilyAlundra Track lighting group
The Reality Architectural Range
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Benefits of using GDS Products for Boardroom Lighting

How to make boardroom lighting versatile?

The boardroom hosts multiple situations, from customer meetings to presentations and team creative brainstorming. Intelligent lighting solutions enable lighting to be manipulated according to functional needs, taking into account light intensity, light colour and the interplay between direct and indirect light components.

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