Co-Working Space Lighting

Offering maximum flexibility to encourage collaborative working, the GDS range of architectural light fixtures work perfectly in mixed-use environments.

Promoting well-being in the workplace, GDS products are LG7 regulation compliant, using the latest LED chip technology to deliver high output and high CRI values to all fixtures, in one cohesive look.


Top Co-Working Space Lighting Products

The following products are our most popular for lighting Co-Working spaces, use the contact form below to discuss further options.


RWA Gallery External lighting
The Arcturus Linear Profile
arcturus slim linear profile
The Arcturus Slim Linear Profile
Puppis Downlight FamilyAlundra Track lighting group
The Reality Architectural Range
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Benefits of using GDS Products for Co-Working Space Lighting

Why do Co-Working Spaces Utilise Natural Light?

Reasons for using natural light include energy conservation (the use of natural light means less requirement for artificial lighting and the energy it consumes), which in turn leads to cost saving. The correct use of natural light can also have an impact on health and well-being, where there is a deficiency, it can cause disruptions to a person’s circadian rhythm, which results in poor sleeping patterns (sometimes leading to higher absenteeism and depression) and immediate health issues such as headaches caused by poor light (although modern LED lighting has done a lot to replicate true colour). Natural light can also be used to create striking architecture features which are impossible when just using artificial light.

"For advice regarding Co-Working Space Lighting call 0117 325 0063"