Office Lighting

How Lighting can Improve Well-Being and Productivity in the Workplace & What is the Role of Lighting in Office Design?

The office working environment is in a constant state of flux. New office layouts, regulations and demands from employees have meant that offices are ever-changing environments, constantly evolving to meet the latest trend. At the forefront of this change you have a number of progressive and powerful companies, who endeavour to set the latest trend in order to create a workplace that is ahead of all others. Those companies (which include giants Facebook and Google) have merged the barriers between work space, recreation and even recuperation. They have achieved this with the implementation of sports, gaming facilities and even sleeping pods within their offices and the fallout of this is that office design now must be flexible in a way that had never previously been required.

The changes to the office of course mean a change to lighting requirements and lighting not only has to accommodate the change in design for offices spaces but is also required to meet the demands for energy efficiency, lighting trends and delivering environments to encourage employee productivity and well-being. The demand for focus on employees’ needs has meant that businesses utilise lighting and its control in their bid to encourage the best talent to join them and as a means of promoting their brand. They can do this by delivering lavish spaces that become synonymous with their identity and make people want to join their team.

Further to all of this, every office is made up of multiple applications. Consideration is required for the varying lighting needs for stairways, breakout spaces, boardrooms, meeting rooms, and conference rooms etc.



Lighting Standards and Regulations

In any build there are regulations and standards that need to be met. Lighting has its own set of rules.

In terms of standards (which are suggested goals rather than enforceable law) there are a few that are prominent, at GDS we use our knowledge to make certain that your project meets these. CIBSE’s office lighting guide, ‘LG7’ focuses on minimum lumen levels across a range of spaces in the workplace.  Adhering to LG7 guidelines should ensure that lighting is comfortable, safe for working conditions and provides stimulation.


Reducing Energy Costs in the Office with Energy-Efficient Lighting

GDS makes use of LEDs, a hugely efficient upgrade to the traditional filament bulb or fluorescent tube. We can bring in a totally new lighting system to your build, or should you wish to retrofit your lighting we also offer that service. LEDs offer an improved lifespan and less maintenance and costs associated with it. If you consider that GDS also makes use of DALI dimming and lighting controls that can react to times of day, levels of natural light and the presence of people you will soon begin to understand the huge amount of energy that can be saved and it is no surprise that we have played a part in our projects to ensure that they can achieve the sustainability certificate of being BREEAM compliant.

If you wish to make savings from being ECA compliant, talk to our team on how we can achieve this together.



Lighting Control for Offices

Office Lighting Control Systems can offer you so much more than a simple manual on-off switch or dimming as a form of control. A GDS intelligent networked system of devices can allow you to set lighting scenes, make your lighting react to use and the levels of natural light (Photoelectric lighting control) in a space.

Connected Light Systems can come in wireless or wired options. Wireless control systems are increasingly popular now that there are reliable wireless data transmissions and because they are comparatively cheap compared to wired systems. Some intelligent lighting systems such as DALI and DMX create a means to control a building’s lighting centrally. They identify the luminaires which have ceased to work and when there is a fault in the system. With these systems you can group luminaires together and you will have a digital interface to control the lighting from a single location enabling a greater degree of control.

Check out our Prodigy Series, offering perfect and intuitive lighting control, suitable for a range of entertainment and commercial applications. This lighting control system serves the right amount of light and actions where and when you need it.


The Role of Lighting in Employee Well-Being

The human body relies on light to function. Without the sufficient amount of light there can be serious detriments to both a person’s mental and physical health. Despite this, lighting is often an aspect of a build that is over looked, resulting in insufficient lumen levels for employees to fulfill their tasks, overly bright environments causing visual discomfort through glare or flickering low quality lights, resulting in employee poor focus, all of which can cause a rise in truancy and a drop in company productivity. However, should an office have the right lighting and control systems it can mean that an employee is more content, productive and loyal to their employer.

How to ensure that your office lighting is conducive to productive office environment?

At GDS we have a talented lighting design team that treat every project as a fresh challenge, ensuring that they specify lighting products suited to the task or breakout environment. We utilise ambient lighting to ensure that employees are getting light that is as natural as possible (where it is available), with lighting controls that means artificial lighting makes up the difference when natural light is lacking.

If you choose to work with GDS, our LED’s will resolve issues that are synonymous with fluorescent lighting, like flickering and changing colour temperature over time. This change will result in an improvement in visual comfort, resulting in better focus and a lower likelihood of headaches and migraines. Our lighting designers will also take the time to ensure that lumen levels are suitable for every surface, as the required levels vary for walls and ceilings, especially where employees have these in their eye-line.



Office Lighting Creating Brand Identity

Lighting Design plays a major part in delivering brand identity to a business. Office lighting that stands at the pinnacle of technological advancement is great for showing that a company is forward-thinking. Our lighting designers can utilise luminaires to create shapes unique to a single space or even to reproduce a company logo. Speak to our team to discuss any ideas you might wish to explore.


"The Right Office Lighting Can Ensure Your Employees are Content and Productive"