Wooden Enclosure

SM Console

The Wooden Enclosure is the largest prompt desk size within the SM Console range. Designed by our in-house engineers, the Wooden Enclosure has been developed with third party integration in mind, or where there is a requirement for a large number of cue light channels.

Fully customisable and a completely modular system, the high-quality plywood construction fits to the same design uni-polar stand, with the ability to install larger pieces of 19” equipment.


Key Features:
  • Bespoke design
  • Detachable desk
  • Up to 24 ways of Cue
  • Adjustable height stand
  • Fully programmable switches
Fully Customisable:

Intercom, Up to 8 x 4K Monitors, Cue System, Paging System, NTP time synced clocks and timing function, Fully configurable buttons, Dimmable task lighting, Desk storage

Typical Applications:

Theatre and Auditorium, Touring shows, Concert Halls