Reality Series

Slim Circular Alpha Surface Profile

Alpha Slim Surface Medium

The Alpha Slim luminaire with its uniform, glare-free light is ideal for creative and task areas, providing a visual impact to any space

Luminaire Details

Product Name & Size
Fitting Types
IP Rating
Lumens (lm)
Lumen Efficacy
Size (mm)
Input Voltage
Lifetime (hours)
Warranty (years)
Alpha Slim Surface MediumSurfaceIP20500030167560198-264 VAC voltage, 176-276 VDC voltage
3UGR<19L70B50@56,000hrs5 Years

R - ALPE - M/30 - 3080 - C - 02 - AS

Datasheet LDT Files
Variants Include: Range, Product, Size/Power, Beam Angle, CCT, Driver, Main Colour, Secondary Colour (if applicable), Accessories.