Reality Series

Aquila Large

Aquila 280mm

The Aquila is a revolution of the spotlight. It is a linear lighting fixture, but its lighting distribution is perfectly round. With its small body it can light up large areas. The light source is hard to find but lights up an area with low eco and visual impact.

Aquila Key Features

  • Available in a Wall washer option
  • The Aquila’s distribution of light mean that you can place a 30cm gap between a row of Aquila’s and still get even coverage, making it very cost effective.

Luminaire Details

Product Name & Size
Fitting Types
IP Rating
Lumens (lm)
Lumen Efficacy
Size (mm)
Input Voltage
Lifetime (hours)
Warranty (years)
Aquila LargeRecessedIP202070.00280mm220-240VAC513L70B20@54,000hrs52700K, 3000K & 4000KDALI, Non-DIm, DMX, Mains Dim, 1-10V & No Driver

Specification Code — Consult datasheets for options

R - AQU - L/20 - 10 - 2790 - A - 01 - 01

LDT Files Datasheet
Variants Include: Range, Product, Size/Power, Beam Angle, CCT, Driver, Main Colour, Secondary Colour (if applicable), Accessories.