Profilo LED 120 HQS

ProfileConventional LED Projectors

  • High-power 4-color LED source
  • Internal system with four removable shutters
  • 20°- 38° linear zoom
  • 'Hi-Q Dimming' technology
  • HQS (High Quality Spectrum)
  • Extended color palette
  • Wide gamut of pastel-like colors

Lightweight profile with a high-efficiency 120W LED source and 20°-38° linear zoom

The Profilo LED 120 HQS is a powerful and lightweight profile with a high-efficiency 120W LED source. The Profilo generates a wide gamut of pastel-like nuances with rich warm tones, a 20°- 38°linear zoom and four removable shutters.

For applications where colour quality is paramount, such as theatre or television studios, the Profilo LED 120 HQS is the perfect partner for high quality, versatile use.

Speak to our product manager, Hallam Smith for a live product demo or product enquiries.

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Key features


  • High-power 4-colour LED source
  • LED lifespan: 50,000 hours (70% lumen output)


  • 20°- 38° linear zoom
  • High definition zoom lens with double optical condenser lens


  • 16 million colours
  • Wide palette of pure uniform whites with variable linear colour temperature (2700 K – 8000 K)
  • HQS (High Quality Spectrum) – DTS’ trademark certifies a product’ superior white light quality and its ability to generate an extended colour palette offering a wider gamut of pastel shades with rich warm nuances.