Racks Bar and Kitchen


Racks Bar and Kitchen in Clifton is a venue that took hospitality one step further, by wanting to find a better way to maintain the ambient interior aesthetic for their customers, whilst carefully assessing the environmental impact of tungsten lighting in the business.

The aesthetics are clear for every visitor to this hugely popular Clifton landmark. A visit in any capacity leads to the conclusion that attention to detail sits high on its list of priorities, something that came very much to the fore when Racks consulted with GDS over its lighting provision.

Looking to maintain light quality, reduce carbon footprint and save money, Racks undertook a complete refit of its lights.


Making a conscious effort to improve the performance and aesthetics of the lighting at Racks, GDS upgraded the existing tungsten lamps for elegant and efficient replacements.

The atmosphere and comfort were not compromised in any way – in fact, the general consensus is that the light quality is improved. By improving the lighting design throughout the venue, the venue was also able to better regulate the temperature, in the absence of the heat generated by the old tungsten lamps.



At Racks, GDS’s products paid for themselves within 3-4 months, such is their dramatic reduction of energy consumption. The implications for similar sites could not be clearer.

The cumulative savings within only a few years will add up to a very significant sum of money – money that can be invested elsewhere in the bar as opposed to being spent quite unnecessarily on energy bills. It’s little wonder that the Clifton Group have already seen fit to extend similar schemes to their portfolio of hospitality sites.

"At Racks, GDS’s products paid for themselves within 3-4 months"

James Hall

UK Sales Manager, GDS