Fashion Lighting

Quality dimming and focus spotlights can create a dramatic impact to the lighting of your retail space. Where product quality is paramount, the choice of high CRI light fittings will ensure consumers are given an accurate colour rendition of the products, with a heightened visual appeal.

The GDS range of retail lights are beautifully designed and manufactured in the UK, with scalable power outputs, high CRI and 5 years warranty as standard.

Top Retail Fashion Lighting Products

The following products are our most popular Retail Fashion Lighting, use the contact form below to discuss further options.


RWA Gallery External lighting
The Arcturus Linear Profile
Alundra Track lighting groupAlundra Tracklighting for offices
The Alundra Spotlight Family
Puppis Downlight FamilyAlundra Track lighting group
The Reality Architectural Range
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Benefits of using GDS Products for Retail Fashion Lighting

What lighting best represents clothing?

Lighting for clothing needs to simulate the environment in which it will be worn (which will generally be in natural light), therefore a high CRI of 90+ is imperative.

"For advice regarding Retail Fashion Lighting call 0117 325 0063"