GDS has the technical expertise and solution focus to offer a range of supporting services. From manufacture and design, to project management and commissioning, we can deliver the best lighting schemes across a range of architectural and commercial applications.

  • Special Projects

    When your project needs lighting and control fittings that go beyond standard design, our Special Projects department work hand in hand with you to find the right solution.

    Custom projects that benefit from our UK manufacture facilities:

    • Heritage and listed buildings
    • Retrofit existing light fittings
    • New product design

Service plus

Above and beyond maintenance, with fixed cost benefits. Service Plus offers a complete support package for our customers, tailored to you by our team of expert support technicians.

Key benefits include all-inclusive fixed annual cost, 1-2 day annual maintenance and fast on-site response time. Get in touch with our support team for more details.


    GDS Services, offered to all clients as standard

  • Services for Applications

    Architectural – Lighting helping to create inspiring spaces, promote environmental responsibility and push the well-being of those in architectural builds.

    Educational – Lighting that enhances energy savings, creates a pleasant environment for students & staff and forges a brand identity to attract new students.

    Entertainment – Award-winning luminaires and control systems that have enhanced over 1000 inspiring venues worldwide.

    Underwater Lighting

    Exterior – Lighting to compliment the architecture of a building, as well as creating new features and focal points, avoiding unnecessary light pollution.

    Heritage/ Places of Worship – Schemes that maintain the character of a building, enhancing visitor experience.

    Hospitality – Hospitality lighting plays an essential role in elevating guest experience, creating welcoming spaces, whilst drawing attention to bold, statement features.

    Museums/ Arts – High-quality performance lighting to illuminate displays, whilst perfectly controlled to ensure works are not damaged by intense LUX levels.

    Office – Lighting that improves the energy efficiency of workplaces and staff well-being and productivity. Always adhering to the latest regulations and trends in the industry.

  • Product Manufacture

    For 15 years, we have innovated LED and control technology across a range of entertainment and architectural applications. Our Bristol-based manufacturing facility benefits from highly skilled engineers and technicians to produce high-performance products that are built to last, with all fittings including a 5-year warranty.

    Our beautifully designed Reality Series and Prodigy Series have been designed and curated to deliver the optimum package of architectural lighting fixtures, as a one-stop solution for your lighting scheme.

    GDS Lighting, Bristol

    GDS also offers a ‘Special Projects’ service, where we create bespoke luminaire and control solutions. Our talented Special Projects team have created lighting and lighting accessories for a hugely diverse range of applications including (to name a few more unique challenges); external lighting of monuments, internal up lighting for a major moving attraction, countless lighting retrofits and stunning chandeliers acting as major focal points in some of the world’s largest theatres.

    Each product, whether it be bespoke, is developed to the highest levels of engineering, in accordance with appropriate industry standards, particularly BS EN 60598-1:2015

  • Project Management

    As part of our service, we can manage a project all the way from concept to completion. From the off, a dedicated project manager will do all they can to understand your objectives, work with you to meet expectations and provide feedback. We will always try to ensure that all major stakeholders are on board with every aspect of a scheme.

    For this reason, we offer onsite surveys, a great chance for our lighting designers to talk with the architects, consultants and site managers about the project and their views regarding it.

    Onsite Survey (lighting Design)

    These onsite discussions should enable us to give all stakeholders a clear idea of what we can achieve but should it be necessary we can provide you with samples so that you can envisage a product in situ.

    Communication throughout the process is key, we ensure that all stakeholders and team members are up to date with the information they require to complete their roles, whilst remaining abreast of general project updates. We keep a tight reign over any additional deliverables, ensuring everyone all parties are aware and no budgets are skewed by their late addition.

    Our aim is to ensure your project operates and completes as smoothly as possible!

  • Lighting Design

    GDS provides lighting design services for both exterior and interior applications, working together with our clients to create a bespoke lighting design concept.

    Where possible, our designs are built to integrate natural lighting alongside artificial lighting, to create a cohesive approach to each space.

    As a result, our designers are well-versed in understanding the integration of natural lighting and how it interacts with other factors in a space.


    Lighting Design DIALux EVO, Uni of Bath

    Throughout the lighting design process, we provide you with the most up to date documentation using CAD, REVIT and BIM. Additionally, we make use of lighting calculation and visualisation software (DIALux, DIALux Evo and RELUX) to provide a realistic view of the completed project once lighting and control systems are in place.

    Lighting Visualisation and Calculation software enables our designers to keep a closer reign of energy use. Consequently, we design all our schemes to be as energy-efficient as possible whilst maintaining a high standard of lighting that helps to promote health and well-being of users, working within the framework of BREEAM. Precise calculations and the in-depth knowledge of our team regarding lighting standards and regulations means we can see exactly how many luminaires will give you enough lighting for each area, therefore you’ll never pay for fixtures you don’t need.

  • Continued Support

    GDS offers comprehensive support for all our clients. With over 15 years’ experience in lighting, our engineers and support technicians are on hand to support our clients, including those using our legacy products (we retain spare parts for our existing and most of our legacy products to resolve your issues as quickly as possible).

    Our Service Plus contract provides guaranteed support tailored to the needs of each site, providing 1-2 days annual maintenance and fast on-site response time. Service Plus contracts give you all this service for a single fixed price, over a 1-3 year contract.


    GDS architectural and commercial Lighting Sales

    Our support services are easily accessible through our online ticketing system (through which we will always keep you up to date on any repairs or shipping) or we are available over the phone. Through our phone support, we can give you expert advice on any changes you want to make on your site, even outside of warranty, and at no additional cost!

    Should any products fail outside of your warranty, you can always send them to us for assessment and we will provide you with a free quote for them being fixed.


  • Service Plus

    Service Plus is the complete lighting design support package, offering tremendous value to our existing and future clients, tailored to each individually by our technical support team.

    Entering into a (all-inclusive fixed annual cost) Service Plus contract leads to the following benefits; GDS are available to give advice on the routine maintenance of your equipment. We’ll repair or replace (on an exchange basis) any faulty component parts or sub-assembly equipment provided during projects (subject to conditions).


    GDS Manufacture LED Commercial Lighting

    GDS will provide a replacement (on loan and subject to availability) for any component or sub-assembly which requires repair. You will have freedom to arrange a time for an engineer to repair the equipment at the your premises. Customers can request a quote when required for the reconditioning or replacement of the equipment beyond the normal repair and you may receive repaired equipment at your premises. Customers can pre-arrange an engineer’s visit once a year to inspect and maintain equipment (you may use an additional pre-determined number of call outs for specific repairs each year). A 48 hour response to emergency call outs (charged at rate outlined in Schedule of labor rates within contract). During normal working hours any available call outs can be used for an emergency call out at no extra charge.

    All Service Plus contracts are subject to T&Cs (individual to your contract).

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