Innovative lighting, drive and control solutions for the Entertainment industry

Our company roots are firmly set in the entertainment technology sector, where GDS was founded with a desire to develop the best lighting solutions for theatrical application.

Our expertise in the sector has evolved to encompass front and back of house lighting, custom special projects, retrofit and replicate requirements, and stage management. GDS’ technology can be found across the world’s most prominent venues. A name globally recognised to deliver unrivalled quality of product, and service.

Our Products  

Where creativity meets engineering expertise

GDS has never shied away from the challenges associated with pushing the boundaries of possibility. We invest heavily in the development of existing and new technologies and take great pleasure in empowering some of the greatest consultancies and designers in the industry. We listen carefully to the requirements of key stakeholders and tailor the development of our core ranges to enhance product quality, functionality, and efficiency.

We place huge emphasis on customer support and collaboration. Every project is unique, and our talented in-house team of engineers, technicians and designers are here to help.

About us  

The future of lighting

Stepless LED dimming, unmatched colour rendering, and intuitive control are at the very heart of GDS’ design principals. But is that really enough? How do we meet the demands of the next generation of venue?

What really sets GDS apart, is our ability to facilitate real change. To set the standards for which others strive, and develop the technology that drives change in the industry. Improved efficiency, reliability, and reporting are not just desirable, they are essential. Allowing design without compromise and performance previously unknown.