We have developed a diverse range of products and control systems that provide elegant, efficient and beautiful solutions for all your lighting needs.

Our manufacturing background allows us to offer extensive versatility, where many of our products can be perfectly tailored to match your application requirement, turning your lighting vision into reality.

  • Reality Series

    Reality Series, GDS' Architectural Lighting Range,  offers our most customisable range of lighting products to date. Boasting high-quality functioning and sleek design, each product can be used as standard off the shelf, or be tailored to fit the needs of any type of architectural space. Use the Tags above the products to filter the range.

  • Prodigy Series

    Prodigy Series offers perfect and intuitive lighting control, suitable for a range of entertainment and commercial applications. The Prodigy Controller offers a control system that serves the right amount of light and delivers lighting actions when you need them. Prodigy can be utilised alongside our new Architectural Lighting Range - The Reality Series

    Download : Prodigy controller Data sheet

  • SM Console

    Intelligent stage management control systems. Modular design and built to your exact specifications. The Stage Management Console (SM Console) is your perfect partner, for reliable and consistent control. Coordinating both backstage and front of house applications with ease. The SM Console (although bespoke made for every Installation) comes in three desk types to meet the needs of venues of different sizes. With 15 years of experience specialising in SM Consoles, we can work alongside your technicians to understand the exact performance requirements lighting desk and of your venue.

    Download: SM Console Brochure

    Bespoke Prompt Desks It is possible to expand on our desk's core components to design a bespoke stage management desk in the shape and size to suit your venue's requirements. We work with stage managers, consultants and technical staff to create a desk with their required features and layout.

  • Work Light

    Work Light guarantees powerful illumination and high energy efficiency for your working areas. Benefitting from a robust design and DMX control options, this product is a reliable feature across entertainment and commercial applications. Work Light is; -Zero-maintenance high-bay LED flood fixtures, -Direct replacements for 200 and 400W discharge lights, -Designed for years of reliable service, -Available in small and large sizes, -Optionally controllable via DMX.

    DOwnLoad: Work Light Data sheet