About GDS

Our Vision

GDS is an award-winning, specialist LED lighting manufacturer, designer and solution provider from Bristol, famed for creating innovative lighting products and control systems that have transformed entertainment venues around the world. For fifteen years we have worked successfully within the international entertainment lighting sector, offering world-class solutions, becoming a key player and continuously driving change with the growth of our ranges and systems.

As we continue to develop our brand in the entertainment industry and expand following the launch of our GDS Korea office, we are now also taking our versatile products, client-responsive approach and collaborative environment into a new arena, with the launch of GDS Architectural.

Exciting new products will be matched with our extensive lighting expertise to solve fresh challenges and bring that GDS magic, turning lighting dreams into stunning reality in even more architectural spaces and entertainment venues worldwide.



GDS was founded in 2004 with a focus on finding practical solutions to the lighting challenges faced by the entertainment industry. Our 40-strong Bristol based team created innovative products and control solutions, quickly establishing the company as a market leader. Our backstage lighting Blues System, industry-leading SM console (stage management desk), and perfectly dimmable ArcSystem for auditoriums can be found in some of the most exciting and high profile buildings across the globe.

Our growing international reach led to the opening of GDS Korea in 2017, to better serve the Asian lighting markets with locally manufactured products at the same high GDS standards.

In 2019 the launch of GDS Architectural takes us to new heights and heralds an ambitious new era for GDS as true pioneers of light.


Managing all aspects of product manufacture, our passionate manufacturing team carry out rigorous quality checks on every product. Handling all elements of assembly and testing, every product is expertly crafted in Bristol and shipped worldwide.


GDS LED Lighting Manufacturers


GDS was founded on innovative ideas and our R&D team work tirelessly to develop new technology. With a diverse range of skills on offer, utilising electronic, technical, hardware and engineering expertise, the R&D team are readily available to work on your new product design requirement or custom projects.


Sales & Marketing

The dedicated sales and marketing team support and coordinate all customer projects from start to end, delivering excellent customer service to our clients.

Our in-house lighting designers are assigned to every entertainment and architectural project we collaborate on, working alongside the sales team to give us full scope to specify the right products and execute your lighting vision.

Contact: sales@gds.uk.com

Contact: marketing@gds.uk.com



Our busy Accounts department manages the day to day finances of the business and equally plays an integral role in developing our company growth strategy. Working with dealers, distributors and clients on a global scale, the Accounts team coordinate all aspects of the GDS company function.

Contact: accounts@gds.uk.com


Technical Support

From site commissioning and product technical support to customer training and repairs, the Technical Support team share an invaluable wealth of knowledge on our lighting products and control systems. On hand to answer your queries, you can raise a question with Technical Support via our Support page at any time.

Contact: support@gds.uk.com

Contact: GDS Support page


Project Engineering

Project Engineering is at the heart of our GDS Special Projects services, developing new and existing products to meet your exact requirements. Working seamlessly between manufacturing, production and design, special requests are a daily encounter for the team.

Contact: projects@gds.uk.com


Coordinating all aspects of the procurement process, packing, shipping and stock levels, the Logistics team work hard to ensure each order is fulfilled to your exact standards. We understand that timely delivery is a crucial element of any project and will always keep you informed throughout all stages of transit.

Contact: logistics@gds.uk.com



GDS’ Commitment to Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing  ecosurety

As a manufacturer committed not only to quality but also sustainability, GDS is proud to be a WEEE producer.

“Policy Statement by Global Design Solutions Ltd in respect of The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013.

As a WEEE producer, we are committed to the protection of the environment and therefore the successful implementation of the above regulations.

We are a registered producer of WEEE (producer number WEE/MM3475AA) and also a member of an approved Compliance Scheme operated by ECOSURETY (membership number WEE/UP3838PL/SCH).

We undertake to provide the Compliance Scheme with accurate and timely declarations in respect of all EEE placed on the UK market; and offer takeback of WEEE.”

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