Set the scene with dramatic lighting effects, using high performance, IP protected fittings

A well-designed external lighting scheme can go a long way to enhance the visual impact of your building, bringing dramatic focus to architecture and its surrounds.

Utilising a breadth of colours and product types to compliment the shape of a building and textural finishes, exterior lighting plays an important role in the architectural expression and creating landmark features.

DTS Products

Exterior Lighting Schemes that Complement a Building’s Key Features

Beautiful external lighting can greatly enhance the branding of a business to ensure it does not come at the detriment of those inside and to ensure there is no negative light pollution or glare being given off (Building regulations must also be considered in this process).

Our lighting designers create beautiful exterior lighting schemes that complement the key features of exterior space, without compromising on LED efficiency and practical factors for easy maintenance. We utilise each fixture to create interesting architectural elements, either by flooding the walls with light and colour or subtly enhancing features with accent lighting.

Energy Efficient, Exterior Lighting with Minimal Environmental Impact

Exterior lighting design should enhance buildings, sensitively bringing focus to the character of a structure. At GDS we view lighting as an extension of the architecture and use it to complement a building’s shape, colour and textures. Any design we complete will consider the local environment and how to ensure lighting does not have a negative impact on it.

Our designs ensure our fixtures are discreet as possible but have access for future maintenance. All our architectural lighting incorporates equipment to minimise environmental impact and maximise energy efficiency.