Heritage and Retrofit

Lighting projects that pay tribute to amazing feats of architecture and engineering.

Lighting a heritage building often requires specialist advice and support, ensuring the fabric of the building is always protected and to ensure its character is not affected. Lighting can have a deep impact on a person’s experience, to move around the space freely and appreciate the culture and ancestry of their surroundings.

Custom-made product service for heritage

An additional challenge of lighting for heritage buildings is that lighting fixtures cannot always be directly replaced and might require retrofitting. Historical buildings also have the challenge of unique architecture, that can require a unique blend of accent and general lighting to adequately illuminate.

Learn About our Special Projects Department

15 years experience delivering sympathetic lighting design

GDS have working with heritage spaces for 15 years, bringing a wealth of experience in delivering the best lighting design and quality light fittings to a scheme. Given the sensitivity of working with historical buildings, we will provide you with samples and lighting visualisations so you are fully aware of the impact a scheme will make. Our focus is to respect the fabric of the building, whilst working closely with the elements that make the space significant.

Our Special Project department can create bespoke fittings or retrofit your existing fittings, enabling us to be minimalist in our impact or make a striking impression.

A lighting design scheme from GDS will select fittings that are sympathetic to the original design or alternatively, we can retrofit your existing fittings. In either instance, the result will be energy-efficient lighting in keeping with the building’s architecture. Having worked with historical builds for the last 15 years, we appreciate how to make the most of every architectural feature and how to avoid dark spaces, often associated with historical buildings.