Diverse lighting solutions for beautiful interiors and the most extreme weather conditions.


GDS has a proven track record of delivering marine standard lighting, having operated in the field for over 10 years. Any marine lighting scheme from GDS achieves an excellent quality of light with products that require minimal maintenance (including our corrosion proof product line).


Corrosion Proof Lighting

Working with DTS lighting, we have added high-output wash and floodlight products to our range. With ACC (Anti-Corrosion) treatments available, we can guarantee effective protection against corrosion in environments of high humidity and salt levels, as well as protection in conditions of wide temperature fluctuation.

x-brick external floodlight

Low maintenance and energy-efficient lighting

Streamlined lighting systems that are reliable and energy-efficient is a key factor when discussing dry dock and new build projects.

We make use of efficient LED lighting, which compared to other lighting sources generates significantly less heat. This lowers the requirement for air-conditioning and its necessary consumption of fuel, as well as the potential risk of fires on board.

Working with marine engineers and electrical consultants, our latest driver solution,  Drive Hub, eliminates maintenance access issues with modular serviceability and zero failure thanks to a dual redundancy power supply.

Drive Hub Driver Control

Enhancing Diverse Spaces with Light

Applications for lighting on cruise ships are extremely varied, these differing spaces include restaurants, bar areas, performance halls, gymnasiums and wellness areas to consider.

We take great pride in ensuring that we deliver to the same exacting standards to cruise ships that would be expected on land. Our GDS Special Projects department offers our customers the ability to have their own bespoke products so that they can create a truly unique impact in a space.


Bespoke Lighting

Our Special Projects department can work with you to develop and design unique products in line with your budget. Our full-service package works with you from your initial idea until product delivery.

With economic manufacturing in mind, we make use of the latest technology in the form of CAD/CAM design and 3D CNC-cutting machinery for advanced production.


Lighting Design

GDS also provides bespoke lighting design services, making use of the latest lighting calculation and visualisation software for both exterior and interior marine spaces.

Where possible, our designs are built to integrate natural lighting alongside artificial lighting, but we know from experience how to work around the frequent lack of natural lighting in certain environments.