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Complete Marine Lighting Solutions.

GDS have vast experience of lighting, control, and drive systems throughout a wide variety of vessels. Our equipment is specified internationally across numerous prestigious fleets and is widely recognised for its world leading efficiency, intuitive reporting, and exceptional quality of light.


Modern vessels require so much more from their lighting installation than a functional level of illuminance. Public spaces are modern, bold experiences that command attention and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible at sea. Dynamic lighting plays a huge role in enhancing the customer experience from the theatre to the pool deck. Precision dimming, and quality of light are now essential components throughout the modern vessel and key considerations for design and branding teams. GDS’ core ranges are perfectly aligned to empowering the most remarkable lighting solutions. Beautiful colour rendering, performance dimming, and stunning colour.
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LED Upgrades

Whether replacing failing legacy systems, or seeking measurable carbon reductions, upgrading existing lighting to LED is recognised as a safe, and reliable method of improving reliability, and efficiency. Significant, measurable gains can be demonstrated when converting from Halogen to LED, or from locally driven LED’s to a Centralised Drive System. GDS work in close partnership with major cruise lines, and consultants to develop and measure solutions bespoke to each individual requirement. From simple downlight upgrades, to complete refurbishment across multiple public spaces. GDS provide the most intelligent, and dependable systems anywhere in the world.

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Energy efficient lighting is a quick-and cost-effective way to reduce emissions and combat climate change. With tens of thousands of light points across each vessel, these savings can compound very quickly for vessels new and old.

GDS is at the forefront of innovation, striving to maximise performance with ground-breaking design and manufacturing techniques. Locally driven LEDs have widely been accepted as the most efficient and cost-effective method of lighting space for nearly 20 years. We can now do more. More efficient, more reliable, more flexible.
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Lighting Design

Our award-winning, in-house lighting design team are on hand to demonstrate what is possible when lighting space. From concept to delivery, we’re here to inspire, provide technical support, and deliver compliance.

We’re also privileged to work directly with some of the most talented lighting designers in the world to deliver the ships of the future. At the cutting edge of lighting, GDS is focused on eliminating the restrictions traditionally placed on lighting designers. Removing key components from inaccessible locations and empowering design that was just not previously possible.

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