Museum & Gallery

Smart lighting and control solutions that bring artwork to life

Museum and gallery spaces require high-quality performance lighting to illuminate specific displays, whilst being perfectly controlled to ensure works are preserved and not damaged by intense lux levels.

Lighting in these spaces can easily alter the mood and ambience of an exhibition and play an important role in the visitor experience, guiding them from the entrance, through displays and onto the exit.

Lighting for these spaces can go beyond the exhibition space, with many museums and art galleries looking for ways to diversify their venue with multi-use lighting for commercial use.

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Lighting design services that enrich the visitor experience

GDS works alongside our clients to create exhibition spaces that can educate, entertain and enrich every visitor experience.

Our lighting designers create schemes that maximise the impact of displays and help to save capital through energy efficiency and control systems.

Whether it is fixed lighting or a one-off display, GDS tailor your specification to ensure the best-suited levels of contrast, colour rendering, temperature, performance dimming and lighting control is delivered.

LED technology that supports the museum and arts sectors

Our manufacturing heritage has led to GDS producing a range of products that complement the museum and arts sector.

Creating innovative, efficient and high-quality lighting designs, we support organisations throughout their capital works projects, renovations and new build schemes to ensure the user experience is paramount, every step of the way.

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