Leading Lights 0.1

For our first instalment of Leading Lights, it is time to get to meet our long-standing Finance Director, Ian Colquhoun.


GDS in 3 words is:

Dynamic, exhilarating, challenging


Ian Colquhoun in 5 words is:

Objective, calm, receptive, focused, honest… and if you need a 6th ….tight.


What is the greatest attribute of a Finance Director?

In a word…Balance. Balance between being equally comfortable weighing up financial prudence against the risk requirement for entrepreneurial development in order to reach an objective conclusion.

The ability to form a trusting relationship with the MD and supporting them and at the same time balance this against being the one prepared to stand up and challenge others when required often when no-one else will.


What is GDS’s greatest strength?

It’s our potential. We design it, we manufacture it, we market it, we sell it. GDS’s future path to success is entirely within our own destiny.

When did you first display an aptitude for numbers?

Maybe next year .. I live in hope! In my younger days I was always completely into all sports and originally wanted to be a PE teacher, but ended up in finance after sort of studying the subject at Uni.


You are to promote a one-off gig at The Royal Albert Hall. You can enlist three artists to play. Who will we see when the lights dim?

Bending the question a little here to include bands and assuming I can time travel then

  • The Who – in their heyday during the 70’s
  • Led Zeppelin – ditto


A distant relative buys you a Blades shirt for your birthday. Do you a: thank them and quietly bin it

B: write them a note to correct their misapprehension or c: put it on eBay under a false name?

Probably a mix of A & B I would thank them but also tell them not to make that mistake again then after they have left, I would cut up the shirt into little pieces and noisily bin it.


You may travel between any two cities in the world, by whatever means of transport you choose. Which two, by what means and why?

Not cities but how about between Seychelles and Maldives via a billionaires luxury yacht, just to compare which is best.


Which would you choose? Ian Colquhoun – scratch golfer or The Owls win The Premier League?

Wednesday to win the Premier League. For me sharing the joy and euphoria with your peers as a team is a much bigger buzz than the inner satisfaction experienced from achieving personal goals.


What would be your definition of fine dining?

Gourmet food without the pretentious garbage that often surrounds it such as tiny portions, and stupid prices. Failing that a mega mix grill.


24 hours anywhere in the world. Where?

Actually just outside it….. 24 hours In space orbiting the earth….amazing


It’s another day at GDS. What’s so great about that?

Just not knowing what to expect, no two days the same, new challenges, experiencing the highs and lows, head in hands, the buzz….just marvelous!