97 CRI showcase at A@W

GDS exhibited at the Old Truman Brewery this week at ARCHITECT@WORK, the show that is curated for architects and interiors designers to discover the latest product innovation and future trends in the industry.

As part of the exhibitor submission process, the Alundra Zoom went before a panel of judges to verify the product was the best in class for its 55° beam angle range, delivering a great deal more flexibility in its application when compared to other products currently on the market.

alundra zoom tracklight

Transferring some of our lighting design expertise to the ARCHITECT@WORK show stand, we took inspiration from our recent museum and art gallery projects to help share the powerful impact that can be made, when specifying the right quality of light.

Using the wide and ultra-narrow beam angles of the Alundra Zoom, we demonstrated the dramatic lighting effects that can be created using a contrast of 85 CRI and 97 CRI.

The Alundra Zoom that comes with 97 CRI as standard, allowing it to showcase skin tones that were instantly more vibrant, vivid and rich reds and a range of hues and shades that became more pronounced when compared to 85 CRI.

Controlled by Prodigy Series for smooth dimming control and scene recall, the Alundra Zoom is perfect for museum, art gallery, hospitality and retail applications.

The GDS sales team at the A@W London show
Showcasing the Alundra Zoom, the GDS sales team at the Architect @ Work show in London 2020.



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