International Women’s Day

Today at GDS HQ we celebrate International Women’s Day, supporting the amazing women around the world who work in the entertainment and architectural lighting industry!
Introducing our brilliant resident Lighting Designer, Irena Kovacevic, we have asked her a few questions on what makes her tick and pursue her passion in the lighting sector.


When did you first get inspired by lighting design?

I’m inspired with everything I see around me, with everything I notice. Sometimes I get an idea outside, on natural daylight or especially during the moonlight with all the shadows around and beautiful diffused and soft blue light …

And sometimes I come up with the solution for the project I’m currently working on when I’m looking over photos, I took earlier…


How did you begin your career as a lighting designer?

Back then, I had just got my degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Split – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture. When I moved from the Croatia’s cost to the main city, I applied for a job in one company, for the position of a Lighting Designer Assistant not knowing exactly what does that role involves… Long story short – it didn’t take me too long to completely fall in love in this profession!  Combination of science, technology and creativity is what make lighting design and I can’t think any other job I would like more.


What Project are you Currently working on at the moment?

Currently, I’m working on lighting design for new Grade A offices in the UK; after we’ve just finished lighting design for the amenity area, for the same object.

Working closely with Architects and M&E Consultants, we came up with modern and energy saving lighting solution for new reception lobby, cafe lounge, area, all with new architectural look of the façade. Changing rooms and a gym area in the basement now also have very up-to-date and modernised design.


How do you think lighting design will evolve and develop in the future?

LED Technology and Lighting industry is rapidly developing and expanding. We are witnessing already the benefits of it with reduced carbon emissions and power consumption, with increased life and decreased maintenance of the fittings, with minimised light pollution… Although we are on good track with this, there is a lot more we can do.

What most excites me is seeing where all this possibility with lighting fixtures can and will lead. Lighting Design is not just satisfying the level of illumination for a while now, it’s a play with contrast, shadows, colours, different light beams… There are no limits in creativity.