Investing in the next leap forward

GDS has entered 2019 with a spring in its collective step and confirmation that it will release a number of exciting new product lines in the coming months. Following the sale of its groundbreaking ArcSystem, BluesSystem and CueSystem lighting products to US company ETC, GDS has expanded and restructured its operations to support the bringing on stream of projects that have been in development for the last twelve months. The company will announce its new lines soon, with continuing emphasis on the entertainment market complemented by products designed for the broader architectural sector.

An orderly handover to ETC of ArcSystem, BluesSystem and Cue-System, will see the ranges manufactured by GDS until July 31st, ensuring a seamless, disruption-free transition for customers, during which project pipelines will remain unaffected. Managing Director Richard Cuthbert is excited about the opportunities afforded by developments at GDS:

“GDS is immensely proud to have developed and introduced many cutting edge technologies over the years. We brought ArcSystem through from concept to manufacturing and witnessed its global adoption as a market leading product. ETC recognised its incredible value and is perfectly placed to take it to the next level. Just as was the case when we sold our Liteware range in 2014, this sale put us in a very strong position to invest in the next generation of GDS innovation and we’re looking forward to sharing our new range of lighting and control systems in the coming months.”

It is not only in the area of R&D where GDS has been busy. Anticipating the impact of its new product lines in the market, the company has strengthened its design, support and sales teams and reconfigured its premises in order to optimise efficiency. A brand new website is under construction for a planned launch in February. In a unique move, Richard and members of the GDS team will soon begin a tour of GDS customers (established and new) to share and explain the benefits of the new ranges. He concludes:

“GDS is an incredibly exciting place to be right now. There is a real buzz amongst the team and a strong feeling that we are about to take another significant step forward on the GDS journey. Our past successes have put us in an excellent position to bring forward new solutions which will continue to shape the future of LED lighting across a broad range of applications. Our special projects division is in great demand and the continued manufacture and refinement of our bespoke Stage Manager’s console mustn’t be overlooked either, with a consistent flow of orders from around the world. As we roll out our new product lines over the coming months, I’m looking forward to getting on the road and showing customers exactly what the next generation of GDS products can do for them.”