Reality Series launch

Expertly crafted by our in-house designers, the energy-efficient Reality Series products are our most customisable yet! Boasting high-quality function, excellent glare control and flexible photometric as standard, each Reality Series product can be specifically tailored to fit the needs of any type of commercial space.

No matter what your lighting requirements, this product will be able to accommodate them, featuring a wide variety of sizes, a full spectrum of colours, a range of wattages, lumens and CRI, and much more. In fact, almost every aspect can be fully customised, opening up all the possibilities when it comes to your lighting demands- whether its uniform design for holistic lighting projects or a narrow-to-wide rotational symmetry for accent lighting, Reality can do it all.

This incredible level of flexibility gives clients a myriad of options and the freedom to design a lighting plan without limits. All our products are manufactured by experts and go through rigorous checks, so you can be assured our quality is of the highest standard, and each product is made to ensure our customers can have the perfect product for their desired application.

See our Reality Series product page for more details.