When to update a lighting scheme

How many times have you walked around a building with failed lights or mismatching colours?


Chances are the lights looked immaculate when first installed, but it’s probably long overdue a refit and it’s now the perfect opportunity for you to help your clients make the change.



Even with the unmatched lifespan and reliability of LED efficacy, sooner or later all luminaires will fail. Depending on the installation, it isn’t always an issue if a few fixtures have failed, but often there will be gaps in the lighting scheme or details of a building interior/exterior that are not illuminated.

Whilst there may be a case for a quick bulb replacement, it is worth taking a view on the space as a whole and review the longevity of the other existing fittings for the future.

Failures can occur when using poor-quality materials and there are unfortunately many counterfeit LED’s on the market today offering cheap imitations, that result in premature failures. From the type of lens to the heat sink, chips and power supplies, GDS fittings are built to last, with thorough lamp testing before shipment, where the highest quality and product innovation is our priority.


Linear lighting in an office or education application
Failed lights can create gaps in a lighting scheme



Light Output Dropping

Over time, all types of lights drop in output; the lifetime of LED fixtures is usually measured to when the light output is at 70% of what it was initially (this is called L70). Over a long period of time, the light output of the fixtures will change, so what was once a vibrant installation will eventually look faded and dull.

When looking for a LED replacement, keep an eye out for a high rated lifespan. GDS products come with a 5-year warranty and 50,000 hour lifetime use, making the Reality Series range of commercial downlights and linear profiles perfect for continuous use in retail and office applications.





Tuneable White Lighting

Whilst it is not the latest technology on the market, tuneable white LED lighting is the ideal upgrade for residential areas, offices, educational spaces, retail stores, museums, hotels, hospitals and more. Being able to offer flexibility in an LED product’s colour temperature has major advantages, where you can mimic natural sunlight and control the light output intensity.

Whether it is LED strip to highlight key features such as alcoves and cornices, or linear profiles and panel lights for education and office sectors, tuneable white lighting can update a lighting scheme to meet the demand of smart buildings and the end-user.



Energy Efficiency

This is not such a visually obvious sign that lights need changing, but it is still very important. If a lighting scheme is still using metal halide, halogen or other traditional lamp types, it will be far less energy efficient than an LED scheme. Often the cost of upgrading to LED fixtures will be offset by the energy savings provided by the more efficient lights.

With a selection of lighting products to choose from, including track lights and downlights to linear profiles and wall washers, our sales team are on hand to support you on your next lighting project.