Breakout Space Lighting

Breakout spaces offer a retreat from high intensity task areas, utilising warm colour temperatures to promote employee relaxation and consequently improving their focus upon returning to task areas.

It is important to make use of lights that can be integrated with natural lighting and to offer distance to look into (ideally externally) for enhancing employee well-being in the space.


Top Breakout Lighting Products

The following products are our most popular for Breakout Lighting, use the contact form below to discuss further options.


Alundra Track lighting groupAlundra Tracklighting for offices
The Alundra Spotlight Family
Puppis Downlight FamilyAlundra Track lighting group
The Reality Architectural Range
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Benefits of using GDS Products for Breakout Lighting

How can Lighting Improve Well-Being and Productivity in the Workplace?

The office working environment is in a constant state of flux. New office layouts, regulations and demands from employees have meant that offices are ever-changing environments, constantly evolving to meet the latest trend. At the forefront of this change you have a number of progressive and powerful companies, who endeavor to set the latest trend in order to create a workplace that is ahead of all others. Those companies (which include giants Facebook and Google) have merged the barriers between workspace, recreation and even recuperation. They have achieved this with the implementation of sports, gaming facilities and even sleeping pods within their offices and the fallout of this is that office design now must be flexible in a way that had never previously been required. The changes to the office of course mean a change to lighting requirements and lighting not only has to accommodate the change in design for offices spaces but is also required to meet the demands for energy efficiency, lighting trends and delivering environments to encourage employee productivity and well-being. The demand for focus on employees’ needs has meant that businesses utilise lighting and its control in their bid to encourage the best talent to join them and as a means of promoting their brand. They can do this by delivering lavish spaces that become synonymous with their identity and make people want to join their team. Further to all of this, every office is made up of multiple applications. Consideration is required for the varying lighting needs for stairways, breakout spaces, boardrooms, meeting rooms, and conference rooms etc.

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