Meeting Room Lighting

Lighting in meeting rooms needs to have diverse functionality, delivering for important customer and in-house meetings, video conferences and collaborative brainstorming. Each of these applications demands varying lighting conditions.

GDS manufactures and supplies lighting that can meet a range CRIs and CCTs, we’re also experts of manufacturing intelligent lighting controls to allow for varying scenes in your meeting room.


Top Meeting Room Lighting Products

The following products are our most popular for use in Meeting Room Lighting, use the contact form below to discuss further options.


RWA Gallery External lighting
The Arcturus Linear Profile
arcturus slim linear profile
The Arcturus Slim Linear Profile
Prodigy Series ControlGDS prodigy control system modules
The Prodigy Control System
Puppis Downlight FamilyAlundra Track lighting group
The Reality Architectural Range
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Benefits of using GDS Products for Meeting Room Lighting


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