3 Callaghan Square


GDS worked with Paramount Interiors to deliver 2 phases of lighting concepts, at an exciting new refurbishment, 3 Callaghan Square, one of Cardiff’s stand out prime central office spaces.

Looking for lighting solutions in a quick turnaround time, the client wished to create a statement lighting feature in the centre of the communal office floor that would unify the surrounding board rooms, curtained meeting booth and ad-hoc meeting areas.

The second lighting concept was to artfully illuminate the curtained booth meeting area, to create soft and ambient illumination, complimenting the surrounding design features of the open-plan office space.


GDS worked with the client to review the existing lighting concept and evolve this into a lighting design that could be sent straight to manufacturer.

With the manufacturing ability to produce complex shapes without limitation on size and radius, GDS looked to create a feature piece, in the form of a suspended triple ring halo. Using lasers to cut sheet metal and bend it into place, it was possible to use a 25mm profile which is best suited for office design, whilst retaining high output and low running temperatures.

For the collaborative booth space, it was important for the lighting to enhance the productivity and well-being of those in the space, without drawing too much focus to the light source as a feature. A recessed linear halo was used around the edges of the circular ceiling frame of the booth to ensure there was minimal glare when sat underneath.

The two lighting features were designed to complement one another within the collaborative space, sharing one cohesive look with precision lighting in focused key areas.



With lighting that compliments the collaborative office layout and interior aesthetics perfectly, 3 Callaghan Square is a fully occupied office space and a fantastic new working environment for the city.

GDS delivered two lighting solutions, project managing the design and manufacturing stages of the products through to final commissioning, within 5 weeks. Head of Sales, James Hall adds, ‘We were called upon to fulfill lighting solutions that no other supplier could complete in the tight time frame. Delivering the vision of Paramount Interiors was our number one priority and we are extremely proud to be involved in this exceptional project.”


"Delivering the vision of Paramount Interiors was our number one priority and we are extremely proud to be involved in this exceptional project. "

James Hall

Head of Sales, GDS