Eventim Apollo


Designed by renowned theatre architect Robert Crombie in 1932, the Eventim Apollo has long been one of the most iconic entertainment venues in London. Primarily a home for live music and comedy, the building was awarded grade II listed status in 1990, and in 2013, a major renovation took place in a bid to return the Grade II listed building to its former Art Deco glory.

In conjunction with lighting designer James Morse, a collection of historical photographs was used to deliver a beautiful lighting plan that rejuvenated the space, but also reflected the rich fabric of the buildings past by restoring historical fixtures wherever possible.


We started by refurbishing the original chandeliers that had been present at the venue since it opened as the Gaumont Palace Cinema, and then began manufacturing new fittings, using our RGBW colour-changing strip in both. Designed specifically for this project, the strip runs at 70W per meter and provides an even coverage of light throughout, carrying a dedicated white cell of 2700K in order to provide an ideal colour temperature.

The installation also featured ArcSystem MR16 fixtures across the foyer and used a whole DMX universe that exceeded the normal 64-channel capability. Delivering such a large number of DMX channels presented a challenge, as a number of fixtures could not be cabled, so we partnered with LumenRadio, whose CRMX technology is excellent for delivering flawless data transfers and frame integrity, which were an absolute requirement of the client. An integrated CRMX OEM solution was created to solve this, and worked in perfect harmony with the electronics of our ArcSystem.


A project as detailed and high profile as this one can often be time-consuming, but GDS managed to complete the entire lighting restoration in just nine short weeks. Our work was well received, and our manufacturing roots really shone through, as we were able to design and deliver a series of custom lighting solutions to meet the needs of our client. The new RGBW strip was used to spectacular effect in the many alcoves of the lower foyer, providing additional light and colour, and enhancing the ambience of the space.

"The GDS team were technically very sharp and always demonstrated a positive approach to problem-solving and working with other parties involved."

James Morse

James Morse Lighting Design