Tower of London


A protected UNESCO World Heritage Site built between 1077 and 1097, St Johns is a Romanesque chapel, found deep within the Tower of London.

Acting on behalf of Historic Royal Palaces, architects Carden & Godfrey worked with James Morse Lighting Design to improve both the visitor experience and congressional acts of worship in the chapel, by updating the lighting provision, without causing any disturbance or damage to the fabric of the building.


Familiar with our products, Morse chose to install an entirely wireless GDS ArcSystem, utilising the existing mains wiring to feed the new control system.

The wireless nature of the system did not require the installation of any additional low-voltage cabling, and comprised, ArcPro MR16 fittings running at 2700K, at both 33 and 24 degrees, controlled by an ArcPro Mesh Control TX1 Transmitter. To further protect the delicate building, GDS designed bespoke stands for a number of the MR16 fittings where it was simply not possible to attach them to surfaces.


Richard Cuthbert, Managing Director of GDS was delighted to enhance such an iconic landmark, he said, “As a world heritage site, ancient monument and one of the UK’s most popular visitor attractions, The Tower is easily one of the most recognisable buildings in the world. The installation of ArcSystem into St John’s Chapel is a special moment for GDS. We worked closely with Historic Royal Palaces to provide a high quality, low impact solution in a sensitive environment”.

"A high quality, low impact solution in a sensitive environment"

Richard Cuthbert

Managing Director, GDS