Wooridle Church


The Wooridle Church in Yongin City, South Korea is one of the largest churches in the area, with six floors and a capacity of 2,500 people at any one time. Around its 10th year anniversary, the Wooridle Church committee decided that the existing lighting system was due to be upgraded and soon appointed Hansam Systems (GDS distributor and system integrator) to carry out the works.

Hansam Systems’ sales manager, Kim Tay Han opted to use GDS’ new generation of LED dimmers, due to the greatly improved lighting consistency and a significant cost saving the products could offer over time. GDS were given the opportunity to fully design a scheme for a major house of worship in South Korea for the first time. The new scheme needed to consider lighting levels across the building and its many varying spaces, including the huge ground floor seating area, the expansive balcony area and fourth-level auditorium-styled sanctuary. The lighting would need to have enclosing built to ensure that the upgraded fixtures maintained the style (a lighting retrofit) of the old lighting scheme.


Over two weeks, approximately 400 Reality Series 2K and 4K LED downlights were installed in place of the church’s old fixtures. The 2K (four heads) and 4K downlights (2 heads) used in the project were wired to 2KLD4CD and 4KLD4CD DMX controllers, providing RDM remote dimming management functions such as DMX addressing, dimmer curve selection and PWM frequency change. At Wooridle church, uniform dimming of the downlights was conducted by GDS’ intelligent lighting controller, the Prodigy Series. A compact and powerful DMX, DALI hybrid with Artnet, perfect for scene scheduling to meet the diverse requirements of the church.

GDS had to ensure that all work taking place did not clash with the church’s busy schedule and was able to take advantage of the Prodigy Series’ ability to be addressed off-site, enabling the engineers to work remotely.



The installed fixtures led to smooth and uniform 0-100% dimming, offering 97-99 on the colour rendering index (CRI) and made the most of the recessed reflectors of the 30, 40, 60 and 65 degree beam angles leading to low-glare levels. In addition, each 2K and 4K downlight now only consumes just 22W and 55W of power, saving the establishment significant costs in energy consumption.

The completion of a scheme for a major place of worship in South Korea opens up a growing market to GDS with the Reality Series proving itself to be well-suited for multi use spaces.

"The new downlights consume much less power than tungsten, so the church can greatly benefit from reduced running costs and get a faster return on their upgrade investment."

Bill Price

APAC Business Development Manager, GDS Korea