Project Management

Project Management from Conception to Completion

As part of our service, we can manage a project all the way from concept to completion. From the off, a dedicated project manager will do all they can to understand your objectives, work with you to meet expectations and provide feedback. We will always try to ensure that all major stakeholders are on board with every aspect of a scheme.

Working Alongside Specifiers

For this reason, we offer onsite surveys, a great chance for our lighting designers to talk with the architects, consultants and site managers about the project and their views regarding it.

These onsite discussions should enable us to give all stakeholders a clear idea of what we can achieve but should it be necessary we can provide you with samples so that you can envisage a product in situ.

Communication Throughout the Process

We ensure that all stakeholders and team members are up to date with the information they require to complete their roles, whilst remaining abreast of general project updates. We keep a tight reign over any additional deliverables, ensuring everyone all parties are aware and no budgets are skewed by their late addition.

Our aim is to ensure your project operates and completes as smoothly as possible!