Adaptable and low-maintenance lighting for the Education sector

The demand for diverse lighting design in the education sector is more prevalent than ever before, with a need to control both light output and colour temperature simultaneously and deliver human-centric lighting.

With most educational spaces being used at different times of the day, groups of people, for a multitude of different purposes on a daily basis, lighting in the education sector needs to be adaptable and compliment a wide range of multi-purpose applications.

Energy-Efficient Lighting for Increased Productivity

A primary focus of lighting in the Education sector is to make energy savings and reduce cost, whilst improving the environment for students and staff.

University lighting is usually designed with these factors in mind, but lighting has also become an essential asset to build brand identity and encourage place setting for many schools and faculties.

GDS project managers work closely with our clients to deliver human-centric lighting for educational areas and deliver the best light conditions for learning.

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Considerate lighting design

We understand that lighting requirements progress far beyond the classroom, with canteens, gymnasiums, lectures halls and outdoor areas benefiting from sensitive lighting schemes that can be visualised by our in-house lighting design team.

Together with the client, we will strive to create task areas conducive to student productivity and break-out spaces that enable them to have somewhere to relax.