DownlightHarmony Series

  • The most powerful small diameter multispectral light source available
  • Heat pipe cooling technology
  • Dynamic power control for maximum light output

Transforms the largest venues with high-definition colour.

Developed to solve the specific challenges of an award winning venue. RGB colour mixing, tunable colour temperature, exceptional CRI and output.

Key Features

  • Drive Hub IPM2 for complete control using just 1 mains circuit
  • 200W average power consumption
  • 500W GDS customised high spectrum emitter for maximum reliability
  • Dynamic power regulation
  • GDS designed uniform dissipation heatsink for maximum cooling
  • Fanless, silent operation
  • 48VDC power feed
  • >10,000Lms output
  • 97 CRI, full spectrum
  • Full RDM control
  • Variety of standard and custom finishes
  • Mounting options, flush, pendent and yoke
  • Fully CE compliant
  • IP65 Versions available
  • 50,000 hour lifetime (L80)
  • 5 year warranty