Power Frames

CentralisedDrive Systems

  • 2U Rack-mountable enclosure
  • Stable low voltage, high current output feeds
  • Reactive power management
  • Dedicated system reporting

The modular, high-efficiency power supply system

Enclosed in a 2U 19″ rack-mountable chassis, the structure of the Power Frame provides slots for 4 hot-swappable Power Blocks. It outputs a stable low voltage, high current feeds to multiple Card Frames.
Power conversion is handled in Power Blocks, which are arranged in a redundant array to ensure continuity of supply in the event of any hardware failure, and reactively manage system demand raising overall efficiency, saving power.
Designed with installation and maintenance in mind, it can accept single and three-phase supply configurations, and user-replaceable fuses are accessible.
Using the PF link, Power Frames can communicate directly with a Card Frame, which enhances the system-wide reporting experience.