X Brick

WashlightOutdoor LEDs

  • 32 Osram Ostar stage N RGBW LEDs
  • Independent 4 sectors control
  • High-quality color mixing
  • Quickly interchangeable beam angles
  • IP65 Rated
  • Sturdy: Designed for very demanding applications
  • Built-in full-range PSU

Sturdy, IP65 LED Wash. Built-in PSU and a range of holographic filters

The X Brick is the self-contained, IP65 LED Wash light that combines light power, dynamic sectors and sturdiness (IK09) to fit applications both indoors and out. X Brick features a built-in PSU, a range of holographic filters and IP65 connections. With two ergonomic handles and a smart swivelling bracket, guaranteeing installation is easy, for short term or long-term applications.

The X Brick is also available as an ACC version (Anti-Corrosion Coating), where the treatment makes products suitable for climates with high humidity, salinity and temperature, making it ideal for use in the Marine and extreme Outdoor lighting sectors.

Speak to our product manager, Hallam Smith for a live product demo or product enquiries.

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Key features


  • 32 OSTAR STAGE “N” Full Colour (RGBW) LEDs
  • 15,300 lumen output
  • LED lifespan: 50,000 hours (70% lumen output)


  • 8° projection angle
  • Range of quick-mounting holographic filters included: 20° / 40° / 60°x10° (no mounting tools required)
  • Uniform projection on surfaces


  • 16 million colours
  • Wide palette of pure uniform
  • Whites with variable linear colour temperature (2700K – 8000K)
  • 16 gel filter emulations