Konzerthaus Freiburg

Project Overview

  • LocationFreiburg, Germany
  • ClientVisionTwo GmbH
  • Duration4 weeks
  • CompletionApr-22

The Freiburg Konzerthaus attracts thousands of music lovers every year with its programme of top-class symphony concerts, musicals and performances by the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. As well as a large concert hall, the building also has additional rooms and a majestic light-filled foyer used for a wide range of cultural events. Designed by Berlin architect Dietrich Bangert, the open architecture of the Konzerthaus is considered one of the most exiting examples of modern architecture in the Black Forest.

With our German partners at VisionTwo GmbH, GDS Puppis fixtures have already modernized a large proportion of the fittings across the impressive foyer space. This time however, something very special was required to meet a number of structural challenges posed by some awkward 70W HQI downlights. A truly breath-taking project, and winner of the MONDO-DR Awards 2022 in the Concert Hall Category.

The GDS development team worked in close design collaboration with Thomas Schnitzer, the venues technical director, to deliver the unique specifications and aesthetics demanded by the venue. Working with Thomas through the design process allowed us to develop a product which matches the venues exact requirements. High output, unrivalled quality of light, and vivid colour.

Solutions Provided

The lights to be replaced were embedded in a concrete ceiling without any opportunity to create additional space for heat sinks or electronics. The fixture developed by GDS was completely custom to the requirements of the venue inclusive of RGB colour mixing, tunable colour temperature, exceptional CRI, and high output to bridge the 16m ceiling height. These demands are far beyond the scope of a normal LED heat sink so GDS were asked to design and manufacture a unique luminaire capable of meeting exceptional standards, within such tight constraints.

GDS’ Drive Hub technology with IPM2 protocol has also been utilised to ensure fixtures can be independently controlled without the need to renew any signal cabling. From an easily accessible central location, the fixtures can now be powered, driven and controlled over a distance of 60 metres.

The whole foyer can now immersed in both high-quality white light, and saturated colours bringing endless flexibility to this award winning venue.

"Cooperation between the Freiburg Concert Hall, GDS Pioneering Light, and VisionTwo has been, and still is unique. We are looking forward to tackle the next project. "

Anke Schierenbeck

Key Accounts (VisionTwo GmbH)

Video by Stefan Bechtel (www.fpvcinematix.de | www.lnkd.in/eXz7jKK9) & images by Jonathan Goerke (www.instagram.com/gpixlt/)