Lighting Design

Lighting Design Services for Exterior and Interior

GDS provides lighting design services for both exterior and interior applications, working together with our clients to create a bespoke lighting design concept.

Where possible, our designs are built to integrate natural lighting alongside artificial lighting, to create a cohesive approach to each space.

As a result, our designers are well-versed in understanding the integration of natural lighting and how it interacts with other factors in a space.

Lighting Calculation and Visualisation Software

Throughout the lighting design process, we provide you with the most up to date documentation using CAD, REVIT and BIM. Additionally, we make use of lighting calculation and visualisation software (DIALux, DIALux Evo and RELUX) to provide a realistic view of the completed project once lighting and control systems are in place.

Lighting Visualisation and Calculation software enable our designers to keep a closer reign of energy use. Consequently, we design all our schemes to be as energy-efficient as possible whilst maintaining a high standard of lighting that helps to promote the health and well-being of users, working within the framework of BREEAM. Precise calculations and the in-depth knowledge of our team regarding lighting standards and regulations means we can see exactly how many luminaires will give you enough lighting for each area, therefore you’ll never pay for fixtures you don’t need.