Product Manufacture

History of GDS Manufacturing

For 15 years, we have innovated LED and control technology across a range of entertainment and architectural applications. Our Bristol-based manufacturing facility benefits from highly skilled engineers and technicians to produce high-performance products that are built to last, with all fittings including a 5-year warranty.

Manufactured Ranges

Our beautifully designed Reality Series and Drive Hub have been designed and curated to deliver the optimum package of architectural lighting fixtures, as a one-stop solution for your lighting scheme.

Bespoke Manufacture

GDS also offers a Special Projects service, where we create bespoke luminaire and control solutions. Our talented Special Projects team have created lighting and lighting accessories for a hugely diverse range of applications including (to name a few more unique challenges); exterior lighting of monuments, internal up lighting for a major moving attraction, countless lighting retrofits and stunning chandeliers acting as major focal points in some of the world’s largest theatres.

Manufacture in Adherence to Regulations

Each product, whether it be bespoke, is developed to the highest levels of engineering, in accordance with appropriate industry standards, particularly BS EN 60598-1:2015.