Service Plus

The Lighting Design Support Package

Service Plus is the complete lighting design support package, offering tremendous value to our existing and future clients, tailored to each individually by our technical support team.

Entering into a (all-inclusive fixed annual cost) Service Plus contract leads to the following benefits; GDS are available to give advice on the routine maintenance of your equipment. We’ll repair or replace (on an exchange basis) any faulty component parts or sub-assembly equipment provided during projects (subject to conditions).

GDS will provide a replacement (on loan and subject to availability) for any component or sub-assembly which requires repair. You will have freedom to arrange a time for an engineer to repair the equipment at the your premises. Customers can request a quote when required for the reconditioning or replacement of the equipment beyond the normal repair and you may receive repaired equipment at your premises.

Engineer Site Visits

Customers can pre-arrange an engineer’s visit once a year to inspect and maintain equipment (you may use an additional pre-determined number of call outs for specific repairs each year). A 48 hour response to emergency call outs (charged at rate outlined in Schedule of labor rates within contract). During normal working hours any available call outs can be used for an emergency call out at no extra charge.

All Service Plus contracts are subject to T&Cs (individual to your contract).