Special Projects

Born from the growing market demand to customise luminaire products, GDS Special Projects has mastered our UK manufacturing expertise to full effect. Allowing fittings to be adapted beyond their original state, our in-house technical teams work on a diverse range of heritage, retrofit and bespoke build projects.

Committed to problem-solving with a tailor-made approach, our talented Special Projects team provide the ultimate LED solution for your bespoke lighting and control. Focusing on heritage, retrofit and custom build products, we have a proven track record of understanding the sensitivities of working with exclusive buildings, both inside and out. More than any other lighting manufacturer, GDS work closely and collaborate with lighting designers, architects, engineering consultants and technicians, to deliver entire projects to your precise specifications.  


Bespoke Products

GDS is renowned for its problem-solving abilities and we love the challenge of creating a custom lighting solution. Tell us your specifications and we will endeavor to work with you to create your bespoke lighting products at the forefront of design.  


Sympathetic Lighting for Heritage Builds and Lighting Retrofits

GDS’ experience of working in some of the most renowned and historical buildings, including hugely prominent Theatres and Places of Worship, means that we truly understand the importance of being true to a building’s character. We have a history of delivering specialist products and lighting schemes to enhance and subtly modernise a build. Our ability to both retrofit and create similar products (in keeping with character) gives us greater flexibility in our endevours to retain the character of a building. 


Modifying Existing Products

GDS can work with both GDS or third-party light fittings to make modifications that ensure you achieve your required lumen output, energy efficiency and fitting lifespan. In addition to this we can ensure that your luminaires have intelligent controls, including dimming, and in some cases we can do all this whilst making use of the original wiring at a build. Talk to our team about your requirements today or find out more about our specialism in Architectural and Commercial Applications. Call us on +44 (0) 117 325 0063  


Special Project Case Studies

We’ve worked on a number of Special Projects, below are the case studies of some of those.                    

 univeritat der kunste - GDS lighting the savoy theatre - GDS lighting

Univerität der Künste, Berlin                          The Savoy Theatre, London

"GDS has been a great partner and their attention to detail and their support has been phenomenal"

Claas Ernst
Managing Director, Vision Two

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