Synergy 7

Power and elegance finally together

Dive 6FC

IP68 underwater and external projector with 6 Full Colour LEDs

Donut 12

IP68 projector, allowing fountain nozzles to pass, for fixed underwater installations

Synergy 5

High power LED fixture with rotating framing system

Helios Bronze FC

IP68 underwater projector, with full colour LEDs. For use in colourful water features


LED light bar with 15 or 5 OSTAR RGBW LEDs for background or linear effects.

Mini Brick

Contained, IP65 LED Wash in a compact case. Interchangeable projection angles

Alchemy 5

Fresnel moving head, subtle whites and colours emulating any light source.

Profilo LED 120 HQS

Lightweight profile with a high-efficiency 120W LED source and 20°-38° linear zoom

Alchemy 3

Fresnel wash moving head, delivers a wide gamut of pastel-like colours.